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We only use the best wireless products. We can setup all the major types of authentications that wireless routers provide. We can also help secure your existing wireless network. Ask us how secure your current network is.

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Let Winnipeg Expert setup and install your wireless router. We won't take costly shortcuts when setting up the authentication between your computer and the wireless router. It is really important that this is setup correctly from the begining. Criminals now are using unsecured wireless access spots to gain access to bank accounts, adult and gambling websites. If the police were to do a reverse lookup it would look like it was you since the traffic originated from your house.

When setting up wireless routers we always use either WPA or WPA2 over WEP unless your hardware do not support it. WPA and WPA2 are superior authentication mechinisms compared to WEP. If your computer says it is using WEP you might as well not have any encryption on. We can configure your router to use WPA. If not we can provide a router that will provide ample security to you and your loved ones.

Winnipeg Experts Wireless Setup Department

Wireless Router Setup | LaptopIf you are out by the pool, in the kitchen, or in your bedroom, we are capable of setting up all your wireless need. We can asses your current wireless setup and make changes or recommendations on new hardware. We recommend using WPA & WPA2 for home users. Let us worry about all the acronyms and the setup. You can be rest assured that you are getting the best wireless security you can get. For businesses that want wireless we can also integrate the WPA and WPA2 encryption with Active directory authentication using IAS. This allows for less overhead and fewer passwords for end users.

We primarily deal with Linksys, Dlink, and Buffalo routers as we find that these companies give the "best bang for the buck". Our routers will work with any computer wether it is a desktop, laptop, or Mac given that you already have a wireless network card installed in your machine. If you don't we can set you up one within minutes.

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