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We specialize in creating interactive websites for small and medium size companies. We can use the latest technology like DHTM and CSS to make an interactive promotional website. Our web designs are some of the best in Winnipeg. If you have a design idea, tell us. We can help you bring your idea to life on the internet. on the internet please let us know. We will work closely with you. If you are wanting to get your business online our experts can help you too.

  • Animated Menus
  • Blog Apps

We can design custom animated menus for your website. Animated menus give a very professional look and enhances the design of the web site. We can provide several different types of menus. We can design the menus to be drop down, Tabbed and accordian styled. Although we can desgin menus with Flash we discourage it because search engines can not understand the text in flash animation. In the end yield you a lower ranking for your website.

We use some of the best blogging software to make sure that your site works like a local application. We can make small customizations to the blog software to ensure that the blog retains some of the elements of your main web site design.

Winnipeg Experts Web Design Department

Winnipeg Experts Web Design consultants offer custom graphics, tailor made solutions, and personalized marketing, so you can be confident that we understand all aspects of internet strategy.

Whatever your business, Winnipeg Experts can help you market and sell your products & services more cost effectively than ever before. With designs that stand out from the crowd, we offer small businesses and corporate enterprises innovative and unique ways in which to promote existing or new products on the web - at affordable prices.

Winnipeg Experts designs range from simple, yet effective, web sites for small businesses, to corporate designs which employ the latest Internet/Computer technologies. In short, we develop strategies to suit your requirements and budgets - without being overloaded with unnecessary 'bells & whistles'.

All sites will be designed with HTML and CSS. This allows us to seperate Design from Content produces light weigt pages that load quickly. Most importantly, it makes your web pages VERY search engine and spider friendly.

Give us a call and let us show you our port folio

Updating web design packages. Please call us for a custom quote at (204)318-9530.

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