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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Winnipeg Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO (search engine optimization)? By knowing how search engine spiders think web developers can implement tactics called SEO. SEO can be broken into 2 distinctive styles: Black hat and White hat SEO. We promise never to use Black hat techniques. Although you might see results faster with Black hat SEO this will actually cause more harm then good over the life of the web site.

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What Page Rank do you want? Most people would answer that they would like to place first in Google, Yahoo, MSN and ASK. Why is that? If you don't show up in the search engines on their first page, most people will never see your website. We can help you with your Page Rank

All consultants are well versed in white SEO tactics. We have been able to get websites crawled by search engine spiders within weeks. If you are looking for a company that specializes in SEO do not look any further. Winnipeg Experts can help you reach your SEO goals

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Winnipeg Experts Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Department

Winnipeg Search Engine Optimization SEOThere are many things that can cause a page to rank well. There are even more that will make it rank not so well. To get the best ranking you must think like a search engine spider when designing web sites and pages. The number one things that will help you get listed higher in search engine searches is how many pages that link to you. We can help you achieve this. Are you a small business owner and want to speed up your ranking ethically? Can this be done with so many web sites out on the internet? The answer is yes! Although no one can guarantee a number one ranking or the speed of which a spider will cache your web site, we can how ever get your page ranking much higher then it was before by making very specific changes. Winnipeg Experts can also figure out what keywords you should go after. In a tight market this can make or break your success on the web.

When we do any kind of search we use things called keywords. Most people start off very broad and then add different key words to widdle down the selection. If you we to find a Dog Shelter in Winnipeg you might type in things like "dog' and "shelter". As of writing this information there are about 2,110,000 shelter responses from any one search engine. Because of the amount of information out on the internet on "Dog Shelter" there is really no way of placing your web site in the first page of results based on "Dog Shelter". Did you know that if we were to type in "Winnipeg Dog Shelter" we would get 467,000 query results? Wow!! That is a less intimidating number. If you have good content on your web site with a few good links to it there is no question that you could rank very well!

Although we don't write content for web sites we will go over the content with you and talk to you about things like: Keyword Density and how to arrange the content so that you will be ranked higher. How to properly write titles. We look after the background code for you. When we code web pages we make them easy for humans to read as well as Search Engine Spiders! When your web site ranks well then you will get more visitors.

Although Typos are things that most web sites want to avoid, you must understand that being humans we will always misspell items. Believe it or not there is a way to capitalize on common misspellings of keywords. This will allow you to tap into a completely different market that you might not have been able to get into before. Let us use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to help you rank higher.

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