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A couple of years ago you could only afford a VPN if your business looked like this. Now because of advances in technology even smaller home businesses can have the same luxuries at the fraction of the cost. Give us a call and let us help your business become efficient through technology.

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Remote Access can give you the freedom to work from home, Work from an airport terminal. Would you like to access your computer from work? Did you remember to tell your computer to download the latest TV show this morning? With remote access you gain the ability to access anything, from anywhere

PPTP and SSL remote access connections are not easy to setup. Once they are setup how ever they very are easy to use. We can even help home users gain access to thier house machine using Dynamic DNS and other types of technology. There are both paid for and FREE types of programs that will allow for remote access. We can go over with you the different solutions and thier pros and cons. Of course we will do it in such a way that will be easy to understand

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Let us help you bring your staff together through online connectivity. In a world where high speed internet connections are now the norm, small businesses are using encrypted tunnels on their Internet connection. Using a connection through the internet, end users will make a secure encryption to your local server. Once the connection is made, everything in the tunnel is encrypted using the highest level of security. This is great for people on the go. Imagine asking a Sales person to print off their report on the road directly to your office. How much would you pay to be able to work on documents, emails, and spreadsheets from your home? hotel? Airplane? Call and ask us for a demo. We can provide VPN setup and training services with many products.

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