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We have all the latest cool gadgets, software and utilities to make sure your computer is running in tip-top shape. For get that password for email, Dial-up, DSL, or web site? We have the tools to help you get the info back. Our promise to you the customer is we will pickup the machine and drop it back off at your house within one working day unless the issue is hardware based which most machines are returned within the second day.

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Winnipeg Experts are experts in designing gaming PC's. If you or your kids want to have the an amazing computer and one that excels at gaming and video editing look no further. We work with the biggest names in the industry like ASUS, OCZ, Antec and eVGA. check out our Winnipeg Gaming PC page. There are some great tools that it will link you to.

We use components from vendors such as Asus, OCZ, Antec and eVGA. These vendors consistantly make great products that last years and years. When we repair computer we make sure that all hardware is up to date and the latest drivers are used. Most companies will install the drivers that come with the item which is normally done to save a few minutes off a support call.

Winnipeg's Best Computer Repair Experts

PC repair | Computer RepairWe can repair all makes of PCs. Since all of our technicians hold valid CompTIA and Microsoft Certified Professional designations you can be assured that the best and brightest computer consultants are working on your desktop or laptop.

If needed we can build you a custom computer if you have special needs like gaming and video editing. We have built machines who's speed scored in the top 10% of the fastest computers in the world. All testing was done through 3D mark software scoring.

We can provide computer cleaning services. An over heated computer will have a much shorter life then a properly ventilated PC. Very much like furnace it is a good idea to setup a yearly cleaning of your computer. Let us setup the maintenance schedule for you so you don't even have to remember when the next computer cleaning should be.

Did you buy your machine from a big box store or generic computer maker? Let us customize the inside of your computer case for smoother operation by cleaning up clutter and applying proper cable management techniques. By using cable management techniques we can normally drop the temperature in the inside of your computer by at least 2 degrees. Even this little change in temperature will keep your computer components at the top of their game.

We specialize in data transfer, Virus/Spyware removal and hardware diagnostics. Depending on your needs we can either come out to your house or you can drop off your machine to our Winnipeg office. Winnipeg Experts has a well-deserved reputation for excellence because of our attention to detail and customer service. We are always striving to be the best custom-built computer reseller in Winnipeg and the surrounding area. In order to maintain that reputation we will never use cost-cutting components or software that would adversely affect reliability or performance of your PC.

This will save you money and headaches in the future. Our dedication to reliable upgrades is hands down the best in Winnipeg. We will strive to provide a superb solution to meet all your needs. Our solutions have made Winnipeg Experts one of the most successful and fastest growing companies in Manitoba. We have even been sought after companies in Vancouver and the United States.

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