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IT administrators for years have known how insecure the internet and email is. Security is something that should be left to the pros. Even one mis-configuration will lead your system wide open to security issues and potential

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Winnipeg Experts can look after all your security needs. We recommend Microsoft ISA Server for Gateway security, Windows 2003 and Active directory for Server and Group Policy restrictions. Depending on the size of the organization we also can recommend using Microsoft Exchange server for your Email and Calendering needs.

Here are some ideas to consider when planning security:

Are your employees taking info offsite on USB keys?
Are your passwords secure
Is your Wireless Access Point secure
Is your online app secured using SSL

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Most systems are very secure. Most issues arise from impropper setup of devices and software. Issues also arise if patch managment is not updated diligently. Let us setup Windows Software Update Services (WSUS) and help make sure that your computers stay secure.

Using WSUS will not only give you the ability to update thousands of machines in one swoop, it also allows us to save you on internet bandwidth since the patches would only have to be downloaded once. Just image that there are four patches that get released. Each one is 3MB a piece. You have 30 machines. Without WSUS you would have created 90MB of traffic from all the machines. With WSUS enabled you would have only downloaded 30MB worth of data. You would also be garanteed that all machines would have the same patches.

We believe strongly in ISA server especially when using Outlook Web Access. When using OWA, ISA and Form Authentication you will have a very secure webmail system unlike no other. Ask us for a demo of ISA and Exchange email server working together.

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