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Do you have a list of all the items you own, their locations and what their make,model and serial numbers are? Are you running out of space have no idea why? We have several tools that will create a visual picture of your systems and we can show you what is going on. Do you have a list of all your assets incase you have a fire or water claim? Having an up to date picture of your devices will save you time and money in the long run.

  • WSUS 3.0
  • Firewall Audit

Winnipeg Home Depot Sub Contract Windows Update Server (WSUS)is in it's third revision. Using group policy and WSUS we can automatically audit all the computers on the network and make sure that all the security updates are applied. By using advanced policy techniques we can ensure that all your computer in your network are secure. The nice thing about WSUS is that it is free as part of the setup. You must own a copy of Windows 2003 in order to use WSUS.

We can audit your network firewall and make sure that only the propper ports are open. This should be done every so often to make sure that there are no extra holes that a would be hacker could try and take advantage of.

Winnipeg Experts Network Auditing Department

We are Winnipeg's premier PC Auditing company. Winnipeg Experts specialize in making sure that you know what is on or going on with the systems that you own. Our services include everything from auditing physical hardware to providing you with all the information that goes on with your machine. Do you every wonder what your employees are doing with their time on the computer. Worried that your hard earned dollars are being wasted on chat rooms, dating services and personal emails? We can setup hardware surveillance that will record ALL key strokes that are entered on any PC. Because the technology we use is not Software, the end user will have no idea they are being watched. Are your machines all patched and up to date? All software will have bugs and most people do not realize the implications of running unpatched computers. Wether you have a Mac or a PC we can help you with this burden and centrally manage your machines with free software.

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